Asphaltene Size Analyzer System

Asphaltene Analyzer

Asphaltenes and waxes are of the most dreadful and expensive challenges of hydrocarbon systems. Precipitation of such complex mixtures is a major factor that causes severe difficulties in oil recovery and processing. These apparatuses are specially designed to study the different aspects of precipitations in actual conditions precisely. Flexibility and specifications of these equipments made them appropriate for conducting comprehensive research in different areas of petroleum engineering, specially wettability alteration, and flow assurance in reservoir formations, and transportation pipelines.


Asphaltene Detection and Analyzing System

This apparatus is mainly designed for:

      Investigating the mechanisms of asphaltene precipitation in different processes

      Checking the effects of pressure and temperature on the flocculation of asphaltene molecules during oil production or gas injection

      Visually monitoring heavy hydrocarbon precipitation and deposition on during EOR processes including CO2/HC injection to study the mechanisms of plugging and wettability alteration

      Tracing and size measurements of deposited particles up to 880nm

      Monitoring Wettability alteration of solid surfaces due to heavy oil precipitation



      Working at reservoir pressure and temperature

      Simulating any EOR gas injection process

      Accurately control of flow rates from 10 – 2500 cc/min

      Handling of different solvents (Liquid/Gas) for online injection into the cell

      High resolution monitoring of asphaltene flocculation process

      Online processing of microscopic images (still/video)


These equipments include

      Very accurate temperature controlled cell

      High pressure visible cell

      High pressure accurately controlled pumps

      Digital acquisition systems with PLC controllers

      High performance microscope and image processing software to find the size distribution of deposited heavy hydrocarbons