Flow Assurance System

Flow assurance system (FLASS)

Flow assurance refers to ensuring successful and economical flow of hydrocarbon stream from reservoir to the point of sale.

This term involves effectively handling many solid deposited, such as, gas hydrates, asphaltene, wax, scale and naphthenates. What compounds the flow assurance task even further is that these solid deposited can interact with each other and can cause catastrophic blockage formation in pipelines and result in flow assurance failure.



FLASS System

This apparatus is mainly designed for:

      Flow assurance due to asphaltene and wax deposition in transportation pipe lines

      Formation plugging by simulation the rock openings with capillary tubes

      Hydrate formation and gas miscibility with minor changes

      Monitoring heavy hydrocarbon precipitation and deposition at different processes including CO2/HC injection to study the mechanisms of plugging and wettability alteration in the formation

      Drag reduction in transportation pipelines using drag reducing agents at real condition




      Using both flow loop and single loop methods

      Working pressure up to 4500 psi and temperature ranges from -25 up to 90 oC

      Accurate monitoring of pressures and temperatures at different locations of 60 m tube

      Accurately control of flow rates from 1 – 2500 cc/min

      Handling of different solvents (Liquid/Gas)

      Online processing of microscopic images

      Providing temperature gradient of 120 oC between flow and liquid bath



This equipment includes:

      Very accurate temperature controlled bath

      High pressure accurately controlled pumps

      Digital acquisition systems with PLC controllers

      Different containers for different fluids to be flown separately or simultaneously into the pipe.