MEOR Core Flooding System

 MEOR Core flooding

The core flooding system is designed and constructed in a very flexible and modular fashion; therefore it can be employed in all upstream oil and gas research studies with appropriate modifications. Different types of experiments could be conducted using this apparatus such as; conventional fluid injection, chemical flooding, gas injection, MEOR, acidizing, porosity and permeability measurement, and many other tests required on the reservoir rock samples at reservoir condition. The followings are two examples of setup modifications for MEOR, and core acidizing purposes.




MEOR Core Flooding Apparatus

    Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery needs very accurate apparatus to monitor any changes in the oil saturated core plugs during microbe s activities.

    Sterilization prior to any test and maintaining accurately designed temperature are the features of this apparatus.

    Miniature type core holders and saturators are specifically designed for this purpose.