Core Flooding Apparatus

Core Flooding Setup


Core Flooding system is the main part of any petroleum laboratory in the academic or research institutes. Different types of experiments could be conducted using this apparatus such as;   conventional  fluid injection, chemical flooding, gas injection, MEOR, acidizing, porosity and permeability measurement, and many other tests required on the reservoir rock samples at reservoir condition.



Core Flooding

This Apparatus is mainly capable of performing different experiments at reservoir conditions:

      EOR Studies

      Chemical Methods

      Thermal Methods

      Gas injection

      Solvent injection


      Permeability and Porosity  measurement

      Core flooding to Initial Reservoir conditions

and wide range of other studies



      Corrosion resistant  materials

      User friendly design

      Wide range of core plug sizes

      Minimum dead volume design

      Wide range of Pressure ( Up to 10000 psi)

      Wide range of Temperature ( Up to 400oF)

      Wide Range of Flow rate (0.001 to 100 cc/min)

Main Compartments:

    Core Holder (Hassler)

    Fluid Accumulator

    Constant Temperature Oven

    High Pressure Precision Pump

    Back Pressure Regulator

    Digital Data Logging and Control Unit

    Confining Pressure, and Vacuum systems