Steam Flooding Apparatus

Steam Injection Apparatus

The past EOR field experiences in the world shows that steam is the most popular agent for more oil recovery from unconventional (heavy) oil reservoirs. This apparatus is specially designed to conduct steam injection in a long fractured model while it is assisted by gravity drainage. The flexibility of the system would allow for any gas injection in fractured rocks such as CO2 and N2 injection as well.




Core flooding apparatus for fractured media

This apparatus is mainly capable of performing different experiments at reservoir conditions. The equipment is suitable for conducting wide range of oil recovery experiments in fractured media with full sized core samples such as:

    Primary oil recovery

    Thermal methods for heavy and light oil

    Gas injection and gravity drainage

    Chemical, Microbial and Solvent injection

    Fracture to matrix fluid transfer

    Block to Block interactions





    Specially designed long core holder

    Vertical and Horizontal Fractures

    Corrosion resistant materials

    User friendly design

    Wide range of core plug sizes

    Minimum dead volume

    Wide range of Pressure ( Up to 10000 psi)

    Wide range of Temperature ( Up to 400oC)

    Wide Range of Flow rate (0.001 to 100 cc/min)

    Precise digital data logging and Control system with remote access option




Main Compartments:

    Long Core Holder

    Saturation Core Holder for full sized core samples (Hassler)

    Fluid Accumulators

    Steam Generator

    Constant Temperature jacket

    High Pressure Precise Pumps

    Back Pressure Regulator

    Digital Data Logging  System and Control Unit