Contact Angel Measurement

IFT and Contact Angle Measurement

Wettability of the reservoir rock and interfacial tensions between the reservoir fluids play the most important role on the oil recovery efficiency. The outcomes of several research works in EOR Research Center are utilized to design these two apparatuses for accurate wettability and IFT measurement.


IFT and Contact Angle Measurement

      Interfacial Tension (IFT) and contact angle measurements are the main feature of these two equipments

      Both pendant drop and spinning drop methods are used to find wide ranges of IFTs

      Contact angles (advancing/receding) are accurately measured using monitoring devices and image processing software.



      IFI measurement at a very wide range between crude oil/water and surface reducing agents, surfactants

      Contact angle measurement for different wettability surfaces, water-wet, mixed wet, fractional wet and oil wet

      Online monitoring of wettability alteration during chemical flooding and MEOR process



       Temperature controlling system

      High speed motor

      Digital Microscope with optical/digital magnification

      Digital Data Logging and Control Unit

      Software for online calculations